What our members are saying:

“You should introduce this program to everyone by making it a requirement for all college students.”

“Services were very helpful and I will recommend them to my daughter.”

Empower Women. Fight Poverty. Impact Generations.

WiNGS has been walking alongside women since 1908, when we opened our doors as the YWCA. The challenges women face are different than a century ago, and WiNGS has grown – and even changed its name – to respond to the times. But, one thing remains true:  WiNGS is committed to be a haven and trusted resource for women seeking to transform their lives.

We offer one of Dallas’ most robust solutions for empowering women to lift themselves above poverty and adversity, giving women the tools to make their families and communities stronger than ever. Our mission:  to empower women, fight poverty and impact generations.

Each program has its own goals, with outcomes designed to help women make measurable changes in their lives on their road to self-sufficiency.

A dedicated workforce and highly skilled volunteers reach 3,000 women each year, providing services designed to be in-depth and long-term. Together we walk alongside women coaching and mentoring them until they’ve developed the skills and confidence to walk – or even fly – on their own.  After all, we know that when we give a woman her wings, she not only lifts herself up, she passes the benefits on to her family and ultimately, our entire community.