What our members are saying:

“You should introduce this program to everyone by making it a requirement for all college students.”

“Services were very helpful and I will recommend them to my daughter.”

WiNGS provides women the tools and resources to become strong mothers, successful in the workplace and financially secure.


Financial Empowerment

is the only asset-building program in Dallas County that provides a full menu of financial education programming at no cost, including financial training, matched savings, one-on-one financial coaching, banking products, benefit screenings and budgeting tools used to increase long-term financial stability.


Nurse-Family Partnership

is the most rigorously tested parenting education program in the nation where first-time, at-risk young mothers increase their parenting skills and the health outcomes of their children via 60+ nurse home visits beginning early in pregnancy through the baby’s second birthday.


Women’s Enterprise Center

helps female entrepreneurs successfully design, launch, and establish small businesses. Members have access to: training and technical assistance, mentorship, a peer community, capital, and hands-on support.