What our members are saying:

“WiNGS provided me with the tools to move out of the projects, start my own business and support my daughter.”

“I was 14 and pregnant, I didn’t know how to care for a baby. Through WiNGS’ NFP program, I was assigned a nurse who visited me in my home for over two years. The program changed my family’s life!”

WiNGS provides women the tools and resources to become strong mothers, successful in the workplace and financially secure.


Financial Empowerment

WiNGS Finance & Career program helps women build financial security and assets and develop important work skills. Women are guided through a defined path of services that include financial coaching, education, savings and credit building products. Work skills training helps women secure employment or advance in their jobs.


Nurse-Family Partnership

WiNGS Nurse-Family Partnership program strengthens women and families. First-time, low-income mothers are partnered with a Bachelor-degreed nurse for 2+ years. Through home visits, nurses deliver support and mentorship first-time mothers who need to have a healthy pregnancy and baby, while developing life-long skills to parent and care for their new family.


Women’s Enterprise Center

WiNGS Women’s Enterprise Center launches women-owned businesses. This intensive program provides low-to-moderate income women with business training, financial skills and personal development needed to ensure their small businesses succeed. Participants have access to training and technical assistance, mentorship, a peer community, capital, and hands-on support.