WiNGS strives to create a safe environment for our members, partners, staff, and community.  Out of an abundance of caution, the WiNGS Center is closed temporarily for programming, events, and in-center services.

To minimize disruption to your learning experience, many of our classes and workshops will be offered virtually. You can still continue one-on-one financial and career coaching services by phone. We will reach out to our members to ensure you can still count on us for the services and workshops you’ve come to expect.  Please contact us at 214.956.5901 if you have any questions.


These are difficult times. You may be facing overwhelming stress in many areas of your life all at once.

  • If your employer is in one of the many heavily affected industries, your may experience job loss, furlough, or significant reduction in hours.  You may now wonder how you will get healthcare or get your prescription filled.
  • If you are a small business, you are undoubtedly weighing very difficult decisions about how you pivot your business to continue serving customers, support your employees, handle your operating expenses, ensure your supply chains, and manage your cash flow.
  • If you are a parent, you may be struggling with how to juggle childcare, your children’s needs, your job demands, and how you can keep your family safe and healthy.
  • If you are like millions of Americans, you may be wondering how you will pay for rent, mortgage, bills, and student loans. You may struggle to obtain basic essentials for your family, like food, shelter, diapers, wipes, and more.

Just like you, we don’t know when this will all end. In the meantime, the WiNGS team is working hard to help you make sense of it all with up to date resources and workshops coupled with what we do best – individualized support to help you through your immediate and rapidly evolving challenges.


It’s easy to access the help you need, at no cost, thanks to generous donors and funders. You can schedule individualized support with a highly trained professional at your convenience – there’s no long wait time on the phone or in-person. Everyone in the community is welcome – you don’t have to be previously enrolled in WiNGS programming.

It’s as simple as a click of a button for any of the services below, or call us at 214.956.5901 and we can get you on the right path.



It can be hard and confusing to navigate all of the fast-changing resources available from the community, local, state, and federal government.  We have dedicated our efforts to finding up-to-date resource information that you can count on and provide reliable guidance on how to access resources and benefits.

Schedule a no-cost individualized session over the phone with a knowledgeable WiNGS Resource Coach to find the resource you need. Available in both English and Spanish.




Count on us as your partner through these tough times.

Schedule a no-cost, one-on-one session over the phone with one of our highly trained Financial Coaches to help you sort through immediate challenges, prioritize, and develop a plan to weather this storm in both English and Spanish.




Like millions of Americans, you may have found your employment situation change overnight.  

Schedule a no-cost individualized session over the phone with a WiNGSCareer Coach to know and weigh your options, explore unemployment benefits, and connect to new job opportunities. This service is offered in both English and Spanish.



We understand that everything you’ve worked so hard for may be at stake. As the economical backbone of America, your employees and your community depends on you – but you find yourself in need support more than ever.  

Schedule an advising session that is convenient for you to connect to one of WiNGSexperienced Small Business Advisers.  We can help connect you to resources, access additional capital, or explore different business and operational tactics to weather this crisis.

Our partner at LiftFund Women’s Business Center offers consultations in Spanish.  Use the button below to schedule a Spanish-speaking consultation.




Please note that this service is only available to currently operating businesses.  If you are seeking assistance with starting a business or have not begun operating, please sign up for an upcomingEntrepreneurship Information Session.



We are developing personal and business workshops to help you gain your footing, adapt, and chart your course forward. Stay tuned for more upcoming workshops.

Legal Impact of Coronavirus Webinar

Wednesday, April 1, 2020 | 6:00pm to 7:00pm

A lot has changed overnight. In this webinar, legal experts will share their insight on current regulations, laws, and your legal rights during the coronavirus crisis. The webinar will cover key topics from both the small business and individual perspectives, including employment legal considerations, tenant/landlord issues, and Dallas County courts. Participants will have a chance to participate in a virtual Question and Answer session.


Resource Navigation During Coronavirus

Monday, April 6, 2020 | 6:00pm to 7:30pm

The coronavirus has impacted so many aspects of our lives overnight. As resources become available at a rapid pace, it can be confusing to make sense of it all. In this webinar, we will provide information on relief options, the stimulus, and resources available to you. Participants will have an opportunity for a virtual question and answer session.




Pregnancy comes with many questions, especially with your first child. Our Nurse-Family Partnership program will provide you with a registered nurse for one-on-one visits through your pregnancy – and continues until your child turns two. Your nurse will answer your questions, provide resources, help you obtain baby care and safety items and help prepare you to give birth. We are conducting all visits through telehealth until it we can return to home-visits. Enrollment can also be over the phone. To qualify, you must be a first-time mom, less than 28 weeks in pregnancy. Read more here. 

To enroll, call or text 214-584-2322.



Our partner organizations across the Dallas area are also committed to supporting you with your needs. Please check back regularly as we continue to expand and update this list of resources specific to our crisis at hand.



Family Essentials & Supplies



Internet & Technology Access

Mental Health

Mortgage Support

Rent/Eviction Support

Senior Support


Small Business

Student Loans


Unemployment & Employment Support

Utility Assistance

Thank you for being part of the WiNGS community. We appreciate your diligence and support during these uncertain times.  Together as a community, we will emerge from this stronger.

Coronavirus Support