We are developing personal and business workshops to help you gain your footing, adapt, and chart your course forward. Keep checking back for more upcoming workshops and pre-recorded videos.

Career Development Info Session

Wednesday, May 27, 2020 | 10:30am to 12:00pm

WiNGS Career Development program provides you with skills training, resume and interview skills guidance, career coaching, and connections to employers provide competitive pay and growth opportunities. Find out more at the information session.


Resilience & Bounce Back

Wednesday, May 27, 2020 | 6:00pm to 7:30pm

The COVID-19 pandemic is putting new and unforeseen pressures on all of us in different ways. Join us as we learn how to work through our challenges, redirect that stress, and tap into our inner resilience to develop a plan forward.


Recorded Webinars

We have recorded some of our webinars covering coronavirus-relevant topics for easy access here.

5/16/20:  ¿Quiere aprender cómo ahorrar para asegurar la educación de sus hijos o nietos al largo plazo? ¡Venga a descubrir las varias opciones con beneficios financieros que le ayudarán a acumular dinero!.

Keys to Your Home

5/12/20:  Home ownership is still a reality during this time, as interest rates remain low and market prices have adjusted. Join us to learn about the home buying process, key terms and definitions, and steps to successful homeownership. This class will help you be well informed about readiness and steps needed to hold the keys to your home.

Time Management

4/25/20: Learn how to identify the value of time, understand the power of your habits, and how to come up with an action plan that will have you feeling productive and still have free time. The webinar also covers tips for working from home and with children.

Eating Right When the Money is Tight

4/22/20: Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet can be challenging when your budget is stretched. In this empowering workshop, this webinar contains tips about how to make the most out of limited budgets and still ensure you and your family can eat nutritiously.

Business Solutions, Relief, and Funding During COVID-19

4/15/20:  Small businesses have been severely impacted by COVID-19 across numerous sectors. In this webinar, we will discuss relief resources, IRS provisions, tips on managing cash flow, pivoting creatively, business disruption insurance claims, access to business funding and loans, and whether the SBA relief loan options are right for you.  Participants will have an opportunity for a virtual question and answer session.

Credit in the Age of COVID-19 Webinar

4/11/2020:  The coronavirus crisis has far-reaching impact on all aspects of your financial health, including your credit. In this virtual workshop, you will learn how to understand your credit score, how to build and maintain good credit, and learn how the WiNGS credit product can help you.  We will cover lender relief options as well as how your credit can be impacted during COVID-19.

Resource Navigation During Coronavirus

4/6/2020:  The coronavirus has impacted so many aspects of our lives overnight. As resources become available at a rapid pace, it can be confusing to make sense of it all. In this webinar, we provided up to date information on employment/unemployment, the direct stimulus check, bill payment assistance, rent, shelter, finances, access to supplies, and small business assistance.

The material has been made available in Spanish. Download it here.  Disclaimer: resources have evolved rapidly during the crisis.  The material may contain resources that may currently be unavailable.

Legal Impact of Coronavirus for Small Businesses and Individuals

4/1/2020:  Our partners at Dallas Volunteer Attorney Program share their insight on current regulations, laws, and your legal rights during the coronavirus crisis. The webinar covers key topics from both the small business and individual perspectives.

3/25/2020:  Strong and steadfast leadership is more important than ever for any organization or business in the time of crisis.  This webinar explores the different styles of leadership, how to gain confidence to lead successful teams, as well as other key leadership skills that it takes to be a great leader.