“I am passionate about providing women and their families the tools they need to achieve their fullest potential — and I invite my fellow former board members to join me and support the WiNGS mission through fellowship and action.”

— Anne Calhoun Duffy, former WiNGS board member

WiNGS Board Alumni Group

Who We Are

WiNGS Board Alumni Group is comprised of former WiNGS board members who want to continue their passion of empowering women and their families in achieving their fullest potential, no matter where they are in life. The Board Alumni are updated frequently by the WiNGS leadership team and current board members on the programs offered by WiNGS and the needs of the clients they serve. This information is used by the alumni to identify and pursue opportunities that support the work of WiNGS. In coming together to share their passion, the alumni members also have an opportunity to re-connect and network.

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For more information on the WiNGS Board Alumni Group, send note to: info@wingsdallas.com