What our members say.

“I was 13 when I became pregnant. My parents wouldn’t talk to me. My nurse Holly taught me everything I needed to know about my baby, but she also challenged me to believe in myself. She helped me feel like I could take control and become somebody. She made me believe that it would get better and I could overcome challenges for me and my baby.”

“I wanted to move out of the projects and provide a safe environment for my kids. WiNGS has meant so much to me because there was a time I was in such a financial crunch. I didn’t know what to do. WiNGS clarified what it is to have financial stability and educated me. In the IDA program, I saved beyond my savings goal and earned $4,000 in matched funds to purchase a home.”

“Learning to say no in order to fulfill the purpose of the business was Rhonda’s toughest challenge. She says the best thing she learned was the importance of ’empowering yourself as a business owner.'”

When you support WiNGS, you help a woman discover her possibilities…

WiNGS relies on generous individuals, companies, foundations and community organizations to support our mission. With their help, women build confidence and skills on their path to a new life as they grow small businesses, start families or work toward financial security.

and you demonstrate to others your commitment to families and our community.

Companies that invest in their communities increase sales and customer loyalty, boost employee engagement and job satisfaction, and attract top talent.  Invest today.


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