WiNGS – formerly the YWCA – is ready to roll out a re-imagined event: Pop Fizz Clink – a WiNGS Fling! It will be a champagne brunch with lots of kinetic energy and opportunities to share the WiNGS mission. The event will be held May 5, 2023 at the Thompson Hotel in Dallas. More details to come!

Honorary Chair

Laurie Sands Harrison

Event Chairs

Melissa Cameron
Jane Rozelle Humphrey
Vodi Cook Meagher

Executive Committee

Heather Lisle

Kim Hext

Anamika Gupta

Laura Ryan

Michelle Hudson

Melissa Cooksey

Jessica Shepherd

Malia Hodges

Andrea Albright

Jeff Harvey

James Vaughan

Host Committee

Jenna Turner Alexander

Amy Camp

Julie Bagley

Brynn Bagot Allday

Katelyn Barbier-Mueller

Jess Bass Bolander

Gina Betts

Lisa Bhattacharya

Kate Boatright

Caitlin Bonner

Gillian Breidenbach

Mallory Broadus

Katy Brooks

Katherine Coker

Ashley Cole

Jackie Collins

Sarah Conway

Grace Cook

Janie Cooke

Elizabeth de Moraes

Sloan Dix

Adelaide Erickson

Lynae Fearing

Monique Hohmann

Christi Houser

Kristi Hoyl

Jane Humphrey

Christina Jafar

Lynn Fisher

Caroline Harrison Loehr

Louisa Harwood

Kim Hext

Kris Johnson

Maggie Kipp

Tracy Lange

Emily Ledet

Lou Lehman

Heather Lisle

Allie Lucas

Alison Malone

Melissa Martin

Sloan Milton

Angela Nash

Cari Phillips

Mary Martha Pickens

Heather Randall

Tracy Rathbun

Anne Reeder Corley

Beth Reeder Johnson

Jessica Young Reid

Lauren Rose Sands

Rachel Scoggins

Jill Scovell

Nancy Scripps

Lisa Shirley

Lauren Shuford Laughry

Lisa Singleton

Sunie Solomon

Anne Stodgill

Jill E. Tananbaum

Nina Tollett

Medley Turner

Nikki Webb

Andrea Weber

Dawn Weeks-Spalding

Gay Donnell Willis

Catherine Woodall

Samantha Wortley

Watch the sizzle reel for 2022’s Pop Fizz Clink event!