What our members are saying:

“You should introduce this program to everyone by making it a requirement for all college students.”

“Services were very helpful and I will recommend them to my daughter.”

When you support WiNGS, you put women and families on the path to a better life.

WiNGS relies on caring, generous people like you to support our mission. With your help, women access the resources and tools they need to become strong mothers, advocates for their own breast health, financially secure and successful in the workplace.  Invest today. Download our 2014-2015 Annual Report.

Why We Give

“Once upon a time, I was among the working poor. It wasn’t so long ago that I can’t relate to the struggles women face today. Fortunately, through the help and encouragement of others, I was able to pull myself up and create a bigger future for myself and my family. It is a privilege to be able to give back and help those who are trying to help themselves. That’s why I give.” – Erin Botsford, President & CEO, The Botsford Group

“Programs target real women who have a real need, providing real results. That’s why I give.” – Sarah Losinger, Community Philanthropist

“We’ve both been so fortunate in our lives, it would be impossible to like who we see in the mirror each day if we didn’t give back to our community. For us the question is more about where we give than why we give. WiNGS gives us the opportunity to maximize the impact of the time and money we give. Their programs are effective, the outcomes are visible and the focus is where it needs to be… not on handouts that solve only today’s problem, but on providing tools for women to build a future.” –  Cathy and George Manning, Retired PricewaterHouse Coopers and Jones Day

“Financial disaster can affect even the most financially savvy people. As I know through personal experience growing up, you can be middle class one day and homeless the next. One of the most important parts of our education—financial education—is not taught in high school or even college. Volunteering with the Financial Empowerment program helps women fill the gap to avoid financial disaster, teaching them the tools to succeed. I want to work with the organization that has the best program to make an impact on my community.” –  Christianne Curran, Dr. Pepper/Snapple Group