The WiNGS Enterprise Showcase provides three aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to share their business ideas with a panel of experts who provide helpful feedback and encouragement, along with an audience of WiNGS donors and supporters.

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With Panelists  Carolyn King Arnold  Dallas City Council Member

Mary Frances Burleson President and CEO, Ebby Halliday Realtors

Andrea Carter  Principal, Ernst & Young, LLP

Cynthia Nevels  Senior Partner, Integrality LLC















Tanasha Allwood,  Buzzed ArtNite


Tanasha founded Buzzed Art Nite, a mobile paint party company, after falling in love with the concept at a corporate team-building event four years ago.  She began painting after work as a way to relax, and made plans to turn her hobby into a career. Being an entrepreneur gives Tanasha the freedom to fulfill her artistic dream and do what she loves.  “I cringe now at the thought of working for someone else or having to get dressed up for corporate America,” she said.  “Now, I can be me!”

Shannon Banks, Foodology 180


Shannon and her son are launching Foodology 180, a farm to table restaurant designed to educate and serve individuals in low income communities.   Her restaurant will feature produce grown in her garden, employ members of the community, and serve healthy meals to those who don’t have many fresh food options.  “Seeing my vision unfold and become reality justifies the efforts and sacrifices we make,” said Shannon.  And she says it’s worth it all to be her own boss. “For the most part, I get to do things my way.”

Rita McLean, My Puberty Party


Rita is the owner, educator and head cheerleader at My Puberty Party, a business that works to remove the negative stigma that can be associated with puberty.  She hosts parties for 8-12 year-old girls and their mothers to educate and prepare them for the physical and physiological changes ahead. “When I hosted parties, it was very rewarding when parents and little girls thanked me because they learned so much,” Rita said.  “It really touched my heart when a little girl called and said ‘Ms. Rita, I started my period and I wasn’t scared.  Thank you.’”