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Join WiNGS at Mountain View and Eastfield Colleges


In partnership with the Dallas County Community Colleges, WiNGS offers our innovative financial education and support services onsite at Mountain View College and Eastfield College.

Our dedicated staff is prepared to address the specific needs of college students, including:

  • Financial aid
  • Avoiding debt
  • Managing school loans

They can also help you:

  • Create a budget
  • Build or repair your credit
  • Save for emergencies
  • Set realistic and measurable goals

All WiNGS programs are offered at no cost.  Check out the programs that are offered on-site at Mountain View and Eastfield:

  • The RiSE Series: A four to six week workshop that starts with setting a budget that fits your needs today, while working toward your financial goals for the future.
  • RiSE Sessions: 90-minute classes focused on specific financial topics, such as car buying or building your credit.
  • Financial Coaching: Meet one-on-one with a WiNGS Financial Coach, and let them support you on your path to financial wellness.
  • Matched-Savings Products: WiNGS rewards qualified individuals who are saving for a home, an education or a business. Save every month and work with a Financial Coach, and WiNGS will match your investment through our savings programs. Eligibility requirements apply. You must be enrolled in coaching to participate.
  • Credit WiNGS: A good credit score is important when you get ready to buy a car, rent an apartment, sign up for utilities like water and electricity, and even when you apply for a cell phone plan. Credit WiNGS is a credit-building option for those with little to no credit history or who are looking to improve their credit. Eligibility requirements apply. You must be enrolled in coaching to participate.

Contact WiNGS to start securing your financial future:

On the Mountain View College campus

Call 972.860.5633 or email FFC@WiNGSdallas.org

 4849 W Illinois Avenue, Dallas, 75211, Room S2080 (next to the Financial Aid office)

On the Eastfield College campus

Call 972.860.1048 or email eastfield@wingsdallas.org

3737 Motley Dr, Mesquite, TX 75150, Room C238E (inside the OSER suite: Building C, Room 238).