What our members are saying:

“If it weren’t for you and WiNGS, being a service that helps women no matter their income level, I still would be living month to month with home ownership a castle in the sky. There are lots of services out there that are happy to help someone figure out their finances, but most either cost a fortune or we made too much to qualify for help. WiNGS was the only place I found who would take me.

When I walked in… I had no budget or even a concept of where to start with creating one. My credit score was hovering around the mid 500’s, and the amount of stress I had worrying about bills was crushing.

Through the tools provided I now have college savings funds for each of my three kids, a retirement account, and soon, a house.

I can’t thank you, enough for everything that you do!”













Your financial future starts today

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WiNGS gives you the knowledge and financial tools you need to create your path to a better life.

Whether you’re saving for an education or a home, or just trying to get your financial life in order, WiNGS can help you get on the right track.  Our no cost programs include:

The RiSE Series:  A four to six week workshop that starts with setting a budget that fits your needs today, while working toward your financial goals for the future. You’ll learn how to:

  • Reduce debt
  • Save for emergencies
  • Build or repair credit
  • Set realistic and measurable goals

Classes are offered regularly at different times and locations, including evenings and weekends, to meet the demands of your busy schedule.

RiSE Sessions: 90-minute classes focused on specific financial topics such as:

  • Buying a home
  • Building your credit
  • Setting a savings goal

Sessions are offered regularly.

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Benefit Screening: Review your monthly budget with a WiNGS team member to see what benefits and tax credits might be available to you. If needed, they connect you to resources like:

  • Food banks
  • Electricity assistance
  • Medical resources

Benefit screenings are optional and confidential. They can be done over the phone or in person, and take less than 15 minutes.

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Financial Coaching: Change can be hard. Let a WiNGS Financial Coach support you on your path to financial wellness.

  • Meet one-on-one to talk through your personal goal and the small steps that will get you started.
  • After several one-on-one coaching sessions, you can meet as frequently as you’d like either in person, over the phone or by email.
  • All WiNGS have experience working with women and families, and bilingual coaches are available.

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Matched-Savings Products: WiNGS rewards qualified individuals who are saving for a home, an education or a business.  Save every month and work with a Financial Coach, and WiNGS will match your investment through our savings programs:

  • Business Launch Account: WiNGS offers a 4:1 match up to $4,000 to help you start or grow your new business.
  • First Home Fund: WiNGS offers a 4:1 match up to $4,000 to help you purchase your first home.
  • College Cash: WiNGS offers an 8:1 match up to $2,000 to help you attend a 2-year college.
  • University Cash: WiNGS offers an 8:1 match up to $4,000 to help you attend a 4-year university.

Eligibility requirements apply. You must be enrolled in coaching to participate.

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Credit WiNGS: A good credit score is important when you get ready to buy a car, rent an apartment, sign up for utilities like water and electricity, and even when you apply for a cell phone plan. Credit WiNGS is a credit-building option for those with little to no credit history or who are looking to improve their credit.

  • We help you apply for a $300 loan.
  • You repay the loan with monthly payments of $26.
  • Your payments are reported to the credit bureaus, which builds a positive credit history.
  • After twelve months, your loan is paid and you receive the $300 that you invested, in addition to a match up to $300.

Eligibility requirements apply. You must be enrolled in coaching to participate.

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