With the 20,000 square-foot WiNGS Center, we have the opportunity to expand our current programs and to implement new programs as well.

Women’s Enterprise Center

The Women’s Enterprise Center launched in early 2015. Through this program, women gain the business training, financial skills and personal development they need to ensure their entrepreneurial enterprises succeed. Seed or expansion funds are available in later stages of the program.

Work Support Center

The Work Support Center will be part of the new WiNGS Center and is aimed at helping women prepare for and keep higher paying jobs.  Through technical training via our computer lab, women have the opportunity to develop “hard skills”.  “Soft skills” training will also be provided to help women develop personal qualities that enhance peer interactions, job performance and career prospects. Also under the umbrella of the Work Support Center, women will have an opportunity to work on their job search, resume development and interview skills, including access to free wifi and computers, if needed.

Expansion of Existing Programs

The WiNGS Center has allowed us to expand our existing programs as well, providing increased peer support and partnership with others in the same situation, increased engagement from program graduates returning to the Center to serve as mentors and role models, and increased capacity for training more community volunteers.